Have you ever wanted to donate your time or money to what seemed like a worthy cause only to find out that said charity is run by a religious organization that discriminates against certain minorities (non-theists, homosexuals, etc.) or uses significant portions of its funds to proselytize to and convert those in need of help?

If so, then you’re not alone.

Most non-theists often donate time and money to charitable causes; however, many of us are wary of contributing these resources to religious charities that discriminate against aforesaid minorities and we are often appalled when our monetary donations are used for proselytizing and converting vulnerable people over to what we deem to be harmful and often intolerant belief systems.

SEAFA promotes the secular charities listed below to provide other like minded atheists, agnostics and secular humanists resources to help them satisfy their desire to help those in need without compromising their own principles.