Southeast Groups - Southeast Alabama Freethought Association

Want to learn more about atheism or secular life philosophies like humanism? Ever been discriminated against in the workplace or by the government because of your non-theistic views? Interested in defending or promoting the Constitutional principle of Church/State separation? Need help overcoming a substance abuse problem without the religious baggage that comes with programs like Alcoholics Anonymous? Concerned about creationism being taught in your children's classrooms? Fancy a good laugh?

If you answered yes to any of the questions above, then you're in the right place. Below you will find a variety of resources to help answer these question and satisfy your curiosity.

Church/State Separation & Freethought Activism

Substance Abuse Assistance

Organizations that Promote Humanism & Atheism

Evolution & Creationism/ID Education

Religion & Cults/Education & Criticism

Freethought Magazines & Newspapers

Urban Legends & Hoaxes

Satire & Humor

Note: This list is by no means comprehensive…suggestions are welcome.